About Lawyer Nursery

Lawyer Nursery is a wholesale nursery specialiing in the production of trees and shrubs that are sold as bareroot plants for ornamental landscaping, fruit production, wildlife habitat, Christmas tree farms and for ornamental purposes such as windbreaks.


Lawyer Nursery was founded in 1959 in the Clark Fork River Valley near Plains, MT where we grow a wide assortment of winter hardy plants. All of our production at Plains is in open fields where our plants are conditioned to winter temperatures for at least one season before they are harvested. Plains has a USDA winder hardiness rating of 4.


In 1988 our business expanded to Olympia, WA where we farm just east of the urban area of Olympia. We grow a wide assortment of conifer and deciduous seedlings and transplants including difficult to propagate species. Olympia is considered to be a USDA winter hardiness zone 7, but many of the plants we grow in Olympia are for colder regions.


Our company is rated among the top nurseries in America. Normally our plants are sold nationwide and in Canada.

Growers of top quality nursery stock for more than 50 years

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